Caring for Fig Shoots, Part II

In Part 2 of Caring for Fig Shoots video post below, Rodolfo Ranallo of Pittsburgh describes how he will cover his new shoots to protect them during the coming winter and how he will dig all but a few in order to grow a tree instead of a bush.

This fall Rodolfo will place stakes around the perimeter, spaced one foot apart. He’ll wrap the stakes in a heavy blanket used for cement curing in road construction, covering the sides and top of the shoots. This will insulate them from harsh winds, rain and snow, and provide protection against the cold.

Prior to wrapping he may dig out all of the shoots except one or two which he will train into a tree. He describes last year’s harvest (summer 2013) as one of the best ever, enjoying a daily treat of fresh figs and Italian bread. It’s obvious that this is a man who loves his figs!


See Part 1 of Rodolfo teaching more about how to care for new fig shoots. For more in-depth training, consider attending one of our fig tree growing classes, offered periodically in several cities. See the Eventspage for a location near you.

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