Mariano Makes Sausage and Cured Pork Loin

We visited Mariano Floro this week to learn how he makes his wonderful fresh and dried sausages and cured pork loin. He graciously shared his vast knowledge and lots of amazing food and wine.

Old School Winemaking

In the video below, brothers-in-law Francesco and Vincenzo talk about winemaking in Italy when they were young. Like most families at that time, theirs had small vineyards. They describe the process of crushing the grapes, which was done by stomping with their feet because they didn’t have mechanical crushers, not even hand-cranked ones. The grapes… Read more »

Awesome Eataly!

In October, The Italian Garden Project was invited to La Scuola di Eataly to celebrate the beauty and bounty of the Italian American vegetable garden during a Meatless Monday cooking demonstration and dinner. Using garden-fresh produce provided by our Italian American gardening friends, Chef Alicia Walter delighted the dinner guests with an amazing array of vegetable-based dishes, two of which are shared… Read more »

The Generous Gardeners

I had a great week visiting my gardening friends and gathering vegetables to bring to Eataly in Manhattan where The Italian Garden Project and Chef Alicia Walter have teamed up to celebrate the Italian American vegetable garden. Chef Alicia has created an interesting and exciting menu incorporating the vegetables that the gardeners so eagerly and generously shared. Michele had just… Read more »

An Apple a Day…

I shot some video over the weekend that I can’t stop thinking about. It was something that on the surface seems pretty mundane, but as I was filming I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I was capturing a whole lifestyle in a single moment. I had spent Saturday morning at Mr. Ciccone’s. He had promised… Read more »

Keeping up with the Italian American Gardener

I can barely catch my breath, seriously. Keeping up with the Italian American gardener is always a challenge, but never more so than at this time of year. Just when the gardening season is winding down for most of us and the tomatoes have been canned and stored, my gardening friends are still planting, harvesting, and… Read more »

Canning Tomatoes with Mr. Ciccone

The day I spent canning tomatoes with Mr. Ciccone was one of the best days ever! Even though it involved hours of messy, continuous work, I enjoyed every minute, feeling fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from someone so knowledgeable about the process.   We had picked tomatoes several days before…   …and laid them out on… Read more »