FigFest! 2019 Activities

Heirloom Seed and Fig Tree Exchange

Seed Exchange:  We welcome anyone who has non-hybrid seeds (open-pollinated) to bring them for sharing and trading with others.  There will be several heirloom varieties with origins in Italy available for trade, shared with us by our Italian Garden Project gardeners.  The Seed Exchange will be held inside the Barrelhouse at 4:30pm.

Fig Tree Exchange: Bring a rooted shoot or cutting of your favorite fig tree to share and trade with others. The cutting or shoot should be at least 10 inches in length (including roots) and have a sustainable root system. The tree can be potted or wrapped with some soil protecting the roots. The Fig Tree Exchange will be held inside the Barrelhouse at 4:00pm.

Best Tasting Fig Competition

Think you grow the tastiest figs around?  Bring a few of your best and we’ll find out. Hal B. Klein, Pittsburgh Magazine Associate Editor and Dining Critic, and foodie extraordinaire will be our judge. All you need to do to enter is to bring one or two of your best tasting figs in a small Ziploc bag with your name clearly marked. Register for the competition at the entrance ticket table by 3:00pm. The judging will begin at 3:30pm on the main stage.

Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate for a bottle of a Wigle Distilled Spirit of their choice.

FigFest Food prepared by Vallozzi’s of Pittsburgh Executive Chef Josiah Henry